Geo-Technical Investigation or commonly known – Soil Testing is an essential stage of every Construction Project after performing Topographical & Contour Survey. The main purpose of Geo -Technical Investigation is to obtain bearing capacity of soil, determination of various soil parameters which affects the foundation design based on existing Site Conditions.

The ultimate aim of Geo-Technical Investigation is to provide a safe and economically feasible design of various suitable foundation options. <b>M/s Indu Geo Solutions (IGS)</b> is committed to provide the best quality of the work/services within client’s time line for utmost satisfaction of our clients with Zero recurrence.


  • Residential and HighRise Buildings.
  • Heavy Industrial Structures & Berthing Structures, Ware Houses etc.
  • Highways projects: Bridges, Flyovers, Grade Separators, ROBs/ RUBs.
  • Power Projects (Thermal / Solar / Wind, Hydroelectric ).
  • Transportation: Roads, Railways, Runways and Airports.
  • Refineries, Pipelines & Fertilizers Projects.
  • Towers & Chimneys and Allied Structures more.